Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's the light Stupid!!!! II

While I was in the Wasatch I began thinking about photography and the photographic process and what it is that makes a certain photograph effective, while another photograph of the same exact material is really awful. I came to the conclusion that one MAJOR factor is organization; not only of the light and light pattern but also of the elements of the composition. That being said...

An additional factor that must be considered, and may be the overriding key issue, is organization. When a photographic composition is being considered organization of the light pattern is the single factor that must be considered above all else. If the light pattern is well organized it represents the effective, notice I didn’t say correct, use of light. Being able to recognize an effectively organized light pattern is one factor that will enable the photographer to create good, even great photographs, of almost any subject material. Look at the light, it will be the key in being able to create the photographs you desire.

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